Anshuman Ghosh

Hi there,

I am an artist, content creator and social media influencer and the person behind the popular @moography art account on Instagram. My artistic style revolves around creating quirky, intricate artworks which represent a confluence of both the tangible and the intangible. I have been an integral part of the Instagram community since 2015 and have used the platform to showcase my art. My Instagram community now has an audience of more than 92,000 with whom I share my art. My work has been featured by Instagram, Mashable and Huffington Post and I have worked on successful social media campaigns for many global brands and advertising agencies from around the world.

My creative awesomesauce has two main ingredients – my passion to create unique, quirky content and my understanding of what it takes to build engagement through social media. If you are a brand or an advertising agency looking for exciting, new content or for a partner who understands social media, I am your guy. Please feel free to browse through this website and check out some of the campaigns that I have worked on in the Projects section or perhaps catch a glimpse of some of my art from my everyday Artbook.